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Spirit removal Specialists

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Ghost Eliminators is co-founded by psychic mediums, Betty & Jeff.  Ghost eliminator has been dealing with extremely rare & difficult spiritual issues for clients for over 18 years.  Betty & Jeff The Psychic Mediums of Niagara have built strong ties in the community helping people with spirit issues & teaching others how to deal with these negative entities or spiritual situations.  These two Mediums have dedicated their lives to solving some of the most difficult demonic/dark possession cases in
Canada & USA.  They travel all over helping people bring balance & peace back into their lives & their homes. 

These two are the real deal & their natural organic bedside manners brings comfort and trust to us all.  They are open and have no secrets about what they do and how they do it.  When no one else can help, Betty and Jeff are many peoples last chance. 

They are unique because they have combined their God given spiritual gifts in order to find permanent solutions for removing negative dark spirits from this dimension.  They are the only Mediums who guarantee their work.  Do not mistaken their confidence for ego, but instead you will find comfort in the fact that if they say they can help......Well, quite simply THEY CAN!  Betty & Jeff accredit all their abilities & successes, to the teachings & guidance of their Spirit Guides Chahielia, Emilio, Flower & Kingston.

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