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About Betty & Jeff

Betty and her Spirit Guides "Chahielia & Emilio"

Betty was born in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.  Betty has experienced much hardship in her life but this is why she is a force to be reckoned with.  She believes in being in service to others everyday of her life.  Her teachings are very simple in nature, be kind, help if you can and send love always to everyone including your enimies.  Because of her ability to communicate with spirit at her earliest memories, it has given her a lifetime of experience and training in these matters. 

Betty also has the ability to see other peoples Spirit Guides
and because of this ability, she has convinced many skeptics out there, that there is something very spiritual and fulfilling about being connected in real time to your Spirit Guide.  It is Betty’s mission to have all people plugged in and connected to their primary spirit guide. 

Betty is open & honest with the fact that she is a whistleblower about her psychic industry.  The dishonesty in the psychic/medium industry is shamefully real.  She is fully aware of the industries deceitful past and is trying to clean up this mess one person at a time.  

Jeff and his Spirit Guide "Kingston"

Jeff lived a very quiet yet satisfactory life growing up in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada.  He was adopted by two loving people from whom he owes so much.  Jeff was completely unaware of his gifts until he met Betty’s Guide Chahielia over 18 years ago.  Jeff is the opposite of Betty in the sense of his urgency to teach others.  Instead Jeff is the rock that Betty needs in order to keep her grounded to this dimension. 

Jeff is easy going and many are surprised at how logical and skeptical he can be.  His knowledge is vast but he never expects anyone to believe what he says.  Instead he enjoys proving his abilities to others.  The balance he brings to this spiritual team is easily overlooked but make no mistake when put into action battling darkness, this is the man you want by your side.  His channeling abilities are remarkable & the ability to pick up on others health issues is unique.  His work is quietly done but the results are life changing for all!


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