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Here at Ghost Eliminators we speak only of the highest truth.  At no time will anything be hiden or made to seem like everything is wonderful and positivly uplifting in nature.  There is another side that many have experienced at one time or another.  If not dealt with it can be devesting to us trying to live the best life possible.  You may even think that some of the information is blatenly raw at times.  Some things that you will read here will be negative in nature but real.  Things may even become a bit uncomfortable for you personally to read but know that Betty & Jeff have tried very hard over the past 18 years to share knowledge without scaring people.   Take solace in the fact that for every spiritual issue there is a solution.  Betty & Jeff take the utmost care with their clients when sharing their knowledge but sometimes the truth can be difficult to swallow.  Betty & Jeff are deadicated to spiritually supporting all their clients leaving them feeling completely safe and in control of any situation. 

If Betty & Jeff are to teach about love & goodness, it is imparative for them to be well-versed with evil and negativity.  You can not know one without the other.  Love will always win but we must be knowledgeable about what we are incountering.  If we do not recignize negativity than we are defencless.  Pretending that evil and negative spirits don't exsist is just plain irresponsible to our spiritual health & wellbeing . 

Jeff has never appoligized for his labeling of negative energies & spirits.  He feels the urging within him to bring this spiritual information forward.  Betty & Jeff feel that we are all living in a times where the spirit world & our own dimension have over lapped.  They both have seen an exponential growth in spiritual issues like spirit attachments, possession & channeling abilities in poeple. 

We must all learn how to protect our spirit & spiritual environment with simple easy techniques.  Betty & Jeff feel deep purpose within themselves when helping others and educating themselves spiritually.  It really is possible to live a balanced purposeful life!