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Betty insists on speaking at least once directly with each of her clients before agreeing to accept them as clients.  Because of the numerous calls. e-mails & free services for missing persons, Betty may have an associate call or make first contact. 

Please accept our apologies if calls are not answered immediately, give 4-5 days for return calls. Betty tries very hard to return as many calls as possible but because of demands for her time and knowledge, we must ask that all calls be limited to 15-20 minutes or else charges will apply.  Be aware that all calls must be time conscious and straight to the point in order for you to get the full benefits of what services they offer. 

Make note that charges can be recalculated/geared to your income if on social assistance/financial hardship.  When you have contact with Betty, it is advised to immediately discuss pricing adjusting if rates are causing financial hardship.  Betty or Jeff can reduce any charges but please note that associates will only quote rates as they are.   

Also, please understand that you speaking with an associate doesn’t necessarily mean that you have been accepted as a client.  Again only Betty can accept clients when she makes contact.  Please be aware that if your case or problem is not accepted that Betty will personally make every attempt to find someone in her vast resources that may be more suited for your particular spiritual issue. 

Thank you and always live in spirit!

Phone Contact # (905) 685-7256
E-Mail: lostsoulsonearth@msn.com