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E-Book Clingers

Clingers E-Book is an in-depth look at what they are, how they harm us and where they come from.  Anyone who has a clinger will benefit reading this book.  Betty & Jeff bring you this in depth information guide on the ethric clingers that harm us.  Finally, Betty has agreed to put all her information in this book.  Her courage and strength is apparent as you listen to her share the truth of what is really happening to so many of us.  With the help and guidance of her guide "Chahielia" and The Ghost Eliminator guide "Kingston" she holds nothing back.  You will get all your questions answered in this guide book “Clingers”.


Price  C$ 10.00
E-Book Pendulums

This is a pendulum book that gives you a variety of uses a pendulum can be used for.  Anyone who is interested in learning how to use a pendulum will benifit from this wealth of information.  Jeff has specialized in the use of pendulums bring you an indepth approach to this ancient tool we all can use!  This is an easy read that will have you advancing & developing your skills with your pendulum.  Written in Betty's personality using a simple easy appraoch.  Order today!

Price  C$ 10.00
E-Book Life Charts

Betty & Jeff take you on a spiritual journey through relationships in your life.  Many spiritual questions are answered by the guides about why bad things happen on this earth.  People have entered into contracts in every aspect of their life.  This book is truthful & is laid out for easy understanding.  Read with an open mind and enjoy the perspectives the guides have shared with us.  This book will get you thinking of how you can find understanding in the most difficult of situations in your life.

Price  C$ 10.00
E-Book Everything Spirit

Betty answers many questions that her clients have asked over the 18 years of ghost eliminators.   This book will explain why Spirits/Ghosts are very unhealthy for us here on earth.  Many things must be shared with people in order for us all to understand and protect ourselves.  The veil between the spirit world and earth is thinning very quickly.  Many do not realize how dangerous Ghosts can be for our health.  Betty has no boundaries; her truth is for all to hear.  Finally, after 30 years of learning, she has put it all in a book that you can refer to repeatedly as needed.

Price  C$ 15.00
E-Book Crystals & Uses

Betty & Jeff have written a crystal books to help people with the uses of healing crystals.  This book is one that is close to her heart.  Crystals have not only helped Betty in her own life but she has a

Vast amount of crystal knowledge through her clients.  These beautiful amplifiers of energy can assist us and heal.  Betty has gained a divine respect for these God given gifts.  Crystals can speak to us in many ways.  Betty has lived her life studying and using crystals and now she has placed all her knowledge and teachings in this one resource.  This book can be used everyone, no matter what your knowledge level of crystals is.  Even the advanced level healer that works with the meridian system can use this as a reference guide to what kinds of crystals to use for each meridian.  The beginner that is thirsty for knowledge will love this book because of its easy to read & understand approach.  You will use this book for years to come as you expand your own technique of working with crystal energy.

Price  C$ 15.00
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